Behind the Curtain: Demystifying Video Production (Myth #2)

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In this series of posts, we will shatter some of the misconceptions around video production and hopefully inspire you to reach out for help to create content around your own authentic message. MYTH #2: THE MAGIC FORMULA (Hint, there isn’t one) [su_youtube_advanced url="" controls="alt" showinfo="no" rel="no" modestbranding="yes"] [Go here for MYTH #1: BUDGET] Many people [...]

Behind the Curtain: Demystifying Video Production (Myth #1)

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[su_youtube_advanced url="" controls="alt" showinfo="no" rel="no" modestbranding="yes"] We all know visual storytelling and video content is one of the most powerful marketing tools to spread your message on the internet. (If you don’t believe us, just ask Mark Zuckerberg.) But how do you go about actually creating that content? Where do you start? In this series [...]

How Media Find and Choose Their Sources #BLAB

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Understanding the media is a necessity for any successful PR campaign. Yet the landscape changes, evolves and adapts incredibly quickly. Even though the media’s needs may not change drastically, the way they go about finding and evaluating their sources certainly does. To better understand how the media find and choose their sources, Wasabi Publicity asked [...]

The Value Has It

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Millions of Americans gather together in February for the annual tradition of watching the Super Bowl. Many of us have also become accustomed to anticipating the slew of all-new commercials advertisers put together specifically to premier on the big game day… but there was something very special and different about this year’s commercials. Did you [...]

5 Tips To Get Some Love From Bloggers

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When it comes to promoting your book you can’t forget about bloggers. Successful bloggers have a targeted and engaged audience that you would love the opportunity to reach out to. Whether it’s self-help, green-living, finance — you name it — the people who follow these blogs look to the blogger as someone who represents their [...]

List Building 101: 4 Easy To Follow Tips On Building Your Email List For Your Book

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Dr. Bradley Nelson - a holistic physician who treats physical pain, disease, mental and emotional problems by releasing trapped emotions, the unseen emotional baggage we all carry from hurtful life experiences - hired Wasabi Publicity to launch both a traditional media campaign and build up his social media presence to promote a special live event [...]

Print Power

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In today’s digital on-demand world, a question is often asked: “Does print have power today?” My answer: “You betcha.” Call me old-school, but I don’t care. As you know, I always say I’ve seen PR transition from typewriters to Twitter; and it’s true, I’m 44 … “So old,” says my teen-age nephew. I’m not dead. […]

Finding You

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The first maxim of PR marketing (and some would say of life) is “Know thyself.” Because if you're not clear about YOU, how do you expect the media to be clear… right? If you're not crystal about who you are and what you have to offer it's time for you to do some soul-searching and [...]

Is it possible to be too hot?

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The answer is a big yes.  I found this out recently while working from Merida, Mexico. What the heck am I doing in Merida, Mexico?  Good question, with a simple answer. While it’s possible to be too hot, it’s also possible to be too cold. How can you tell when it’s too cold? When snow [...]