Project Description

Breaking-News Tie In Leads to Oscar-Nominee Qualification

Client: Ellen Snortland, “Beauty Bites Beast” Documentary
Project: Create National Media Coverage to Support Oscar-Nominee Eligibility

Documentarian Ellen Snortland came to Wasabi Publicity with the goal of growing public awareness around her new film, “Beauty Bites Beast: Revealing the Missing Conversations About Ending Violence.” Through a successful breaking news campaign, we were able to catapult public awareness of the film and support Ellen and “Beauty Bites Beast” in qualifying for an Oscar nomination.

Sexual Assault Colors the Presidential Race, “Beauty Bites Beast” Responds

Leading up to Ellen’s NYC film launch of “Beauty Bites Beast,” Donald Trump’s 1995 off-camera remarks from his Access Hollywood appearance about grabbing women’s genitalia went public.

The Wasabi team leveraged this breaking news about sexual assault and responded by placing the empowering message of Ellen’s “Beauty Bites Beast” film in front of key members of the media. The synergy of breaking news and our timely response gelled perfectly.

Upworthy shared Ellen’s film and community work with their audience of nearly 11 million Facebook fans and NowThis Her did a Facebook Live stream to their audience of over 400,000.

Real Health Magazine picked up the story and the Los Angeles Times reviewed the film. Media coverage also included Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap, LA Weekly, and the Houston Chronicle.

Summary: Staying on the Pulse of Breaking News Maximizes PR Success

Not only did the Wasabi team’s timely and relevant pitching of “Beauty Bites Beast” lead to impressive national coverage, it also led to a film review in the LA Times that made Ellen’s project eligible for Oscar nomination. The news tie-in was an upsetting truth, but the opportunity to share hopefulness and empowerment with women and girls everywhere was perfect. Ellen and all of us here at Wasabi Publicity were thrilled with the results of this successful media campaign.