Simply put, we partner with clients who are out to make a positive impact and change the world. When you’re ready to take your message to the world stage, we serve as your media megaphone. We’ll help you understand the different types of media assets you may already have on hand and we’ll support you in connecting with new areas of media you need.

Earned, Paid and Owned Media

One way to view public relations is categorizing media in three ways—earned, paid and owned. Each has a specific role to play when it comes to building your business.

Owned Media: Owned media is content you create yourself (i.e., your website, blog, e-book, podcast, or video channel). You control the content, but it can be challenging to get the right kind of traffic to your content. Are you looking to cultivate your business platform and your marketing message while building credibility? We can help build fans and followers, driving traffic to your owned media online.
Paid Media: This is the realm of advertising. Again, like the media you own, you control the message and you pay to have that message heard by the media venue’s audience. You get to drive traffic to the content or service of your choosing in addition to controlling the message. Do you need a solid boost in traffic to amplify your platform? Paid media drives traffic. It can also sell seats, books, products, and more. Our social media team can advise you where to invest your advertising dollars in today’s quickly changing media environment. Technology advances daily. With an eye on results, our team will advise you on what paid media strategies work and which to avoid.
Earned Media: Wasabi Publicity consistently earns top TV, magazine, radio, and online placements for clients. What is earned media coverage? Simply, a media contact is enrolled to use you as a source in their news coverage. Our team enrolls the media to interview you. With earned media coverage, you don’t get to control the message like you do with owned and paid media and that is why the public finds it so credible: a third party is talking about you. We help you craft superior media materials and conduct interviews that deliver the story you want the public to hear. In fact, we are international PR leaders in online press kit technology (according to PR Week) and personalized breaking/seasonal news pitching (according to Harvard Business Review).
Is your message already down pat and now you need others to be singing it from the rooftops?

We’re Here to Help

When we founded Wasabi Publicity in 2002, we developed a simple yet effective process of extracting the unique qualities that set our clients apart. We know you are entrusting your story to us, and we do not take that lightly. Your story becomes our story.

This is what we do best: We are your storytellers to the media.

We are publicity experts with media-relations moxie. Our purpose is to boost our clients’ media exposure through the creation of key messages. We get the word out via any and every medium to link you to the media, and we do it cost effectively.

We are a cross between an innovative grassroots marketing company and a sophisticated public relations firm. When called for, we create media partnerships, link you to the appropriate spokespersons, and tap our brilliant and creative minds to make the kinds of happenings media seek.

With Wasabi, you can count on this: we will dig in, spice it up, and do what it takes to get the job done. Period.

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