Where Am I?

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Have you Googled yourself lately? You might be surprised at how many people share your brand and name. We're in the middle of my #21DayPRActionGuide July challenge. (Read about it here.) My friend Linda Coad did and she said on July 10th's call, "Michelle, I've had my CPA practice for over 20 years so my name search [...]

It’s Your Call

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I'm calling all lazy people!! According to Time Magazine, that's you and me. "Humans are inherently lazy, which may be a trait left over from our ancestors' days of conserving energy for the next hunt," reports Time Magazine. That's fine. I have a secret weapon against lazy: community. When your community is calling and you [...]


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What makes the best first impression today? Many people would say it's your clothing, hair, makeup or posture. Really? Let's think about it during the pandemic and in this social media-dominated marketplace. Don't you also look up people online and see what their Twitter, Facebook, website bios say? This might not be the first [...]

#21DayPRActionGuide Coaching Call Summary

By |2020-06-10T14:41:13-04:00June 10th, 2020|

In this video, Michelle Tennant Nicholson addresses the chatbox questions from last Friday's #21DayPRActionGuide coaching call. She summarizes: What’s the difference between owned, earned, and paid media? 💡 How and where do I find contact information for the press that would be interested in my message? 💡 Do I call or email the media? 💡 [...]