Louis C.K., one of my favorite comedians, hosted the 40th SNL (Saturday Night Live) anniversary finale Saturday and discussed “mild racism, the Middle East, child molestation and the 70’s.” Whew it’s buzzing. What do you think? He talks about growing up in the 70’s, stating everything is different but the Middle East. (Cue the comments.) He even discusses child molestation and overeating. Since Shakespeare’s day, comedians have been known to throw darts at cultural edges to provoke thought, discussion and change. Tie it into your media pitching today. When is risk right? Or wrong?

In my blog post, “God, Dog and Basketball,” I discussed Sinead ripping the Pope’s picture on SNL. Comedy is a great way to listen for the ‘edge’ of macro cultural conversations.

Entertainment news provides endless fodder and ‘edgy conversations’ for PR pitching to media friends. Billboard awards happened this weekend.

Another place to look for your ‘edge’ in pitching? Top US headlines. Today, nearly 200 arrested in Texas after a deadly gang shootout. And Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receives a death sentence.

Don’t forget top headlines abroad. One from London today includes a nurse found guilty of murdering and poisoning patients. He says he was possessed by the devil. That’s fodder for both traditional and alternative medicine as well as paranormal educators.

What’s your edge? Find it and pitch it today. Maybe it will get you buzz like Louis C.K and SNL. Then, look to see who’s laughing.