@POTUS, baby. Really. Follow him. (Follow me.) Barack is on Twitter. President Bill Clinton quickly wanted to know if it’s for just Barack or for the account of the President of the United States.

With Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the use of technology and politics makes for a great tie-in when you’re pitching the media, especially if this is your area of expertise. You can help your local media educate businesses, non-profits and government agencies on the ins and outs of security, email, social media and more. In today’s digital age, all organizations, large and small, need to follow (and unfollow) technical trends.

What can you say about Twitter to the communities you influence? Entrepreneur teaches you how to harness Twitter’s power. If you’re an expert on Twitter, send your tips to your media friends.

While you may use Twitter to connect and grow your organization, remember it’s a litmus test for trends. Already, people are reporting on racism after Obama joins Twitter. Verge analyzes Twitter and the past, present and future of it. In 2009, I placed a Fox and Friends segment with USA Today columnist, Steve Strauss and social media expert Joel Comm. Steve’s point it was a waste of time for small business. Joel Comm, former Wasabi Publicity client, claimed absolutely it’s worth the time for any business professional. So, “To Tweet or Not To Tweet” was the question and segment we landed with Fox. People love a good debate and obviously, after all these years, the debate continues.

Everyone’s on Twitter nowadays. In fact, I often just sign my emails and texts @MichelleTennant like many media do. It’s efficient. You can express your brand, organization, book, service and more in a Twitter handle. Take cues from these sports pros who are clever in choosing their handles.

So follow me and the president, why don’t you? Tweet today. Sweet; tweet with the @POTUS.