Honeybee apocalypse? If you’re a bee-keeper, like my uncles were, the media may be looking for you. Bees are in the news and here’s the buzz kill: they’re dying. This public discussion will involve food experts, nutritionists, environmentalists and scientists. If you’re looking for media buzz, tie in bees.

What else is buzzing in today’s news? 1) An Amtrak crash, 2) Johnny Depp’s dogs facing euthanasia in Australia,  3)  Cate Blanchett’s bisexual claims, 4) Miley Cyrus smokes a joint while her brother’s tattoos get him removed from a joint, 5) Mr. Burns is ‘leaving’ the Simpsons, 6) Tennis pros get tired, 7) Football fumbles, 8) and Bill Nye, the Science Guy, visits Monsanto and changes his mind about the very controversial GMOs.

Buzz about celebrities, food, train safety or sports today and your story won’t get killed on the editorial floor.