Comedian Jim Gaffigan first questioned how fresh subs at Subway are. Former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle has been getting ‘fresh’ with child pornography and today he will plead guilty to the charges. It begs the question — how can companies choose spokespeople who share their values? Certainly the type of fresh Subway embodies is not the same fresh Fogle was after. It’s shocking news for many.

Who else is getting fresh in today’s news?

1) Hillary Clinton and black activists go at it,

2) A shrine bombing didn’t seem Thai says taxi driver,

3) Cheaters exposed by Ashley Madison leak,

Security, porn and cheaters. Whew. That’s how to get fresh in your fresh news. Tie in your stories, sound bites and sources for media pitching to get fresh media coverage today. Just make sure your ‘fresh’ is the type of fresh you want.