Once in my 20’s, I stopped my car in Camden, NJ and pulled out a paper map and was viewing it in a desolate parking lot. A police officer pulled up behind me, lit his lights and walked up to my window to ask me what I was doing. Strange, I thought. I snapped with attitude, “I’m just reading a map.” Subtext: Bug off. Then he said in a, silly-little-girl-tricks-are-for-kids, type voice, “Do you realize you’ve stopped your car to read your map in one of the most dangerous cities in America?” My attitude quickly changed. “Thank you officer. I’ll be on my way.” Mmmm hmmm.

Dangerous and safe cities make for great news hooks. Especially when they tie into movies, like today’s, “Straight Outta Compton.”

Is your city safe?

Or is it considered dangerous?

You might comment on where to eat, how to make money, why or why not raise a family or even if it’s safe to date in the geographic region you’re living, visiting or in which you’re doing business.

Keep in mind, my husband took a journey with his friend Dan where they drove their motorcycles from Asheville, NC to Argentina. Funny thing is, every town they visited said the NEXT town is the most dangerous. Then when they got to the next town, which proved to actually be safe, locals said the NEXT town would be dangerous. And so forth. Human behavior is fascinating. Comment on it and maybe you’ll score some media coverage. Straight outta …

[insert your city here.]