Not the bum I first wrote about. But this ‘bum’ got your attention. Beach news is still hot today. Seasonal news always makes for great news hooks. Summer’s almost over but not quite so use it for your media pitching today.

What if you took a snapshot with a beach buoy only to find out it was a bomb? It happened to one family. Bummer. Beach bummer, actually.

On a brighter note, sunken treasure valued over a million dollars is found by a beach. Gives me new motivation to complete my diving certification! Scuba experts or hidden treasure experts/seekers can provide great comments to the media now.

Relationships, personal information and fetishes are exposed in the adultery-seeking hook-up site for married people: Ashley Madison. The data dump is massive exposing millions of cheaters. Hackers: 1. Ashley Madison: 0. This news is way too hot for many. Are your loved ones on there? Relationship experts can give tips on how to cope after divorcing or breaking up with a cheater. Millions need to contemplate their own behaviors on why they cheat or not, so those sound bites are also in demand.

Celebrity families make news. Here Harry Connick, Jr. talks his dolphin movie, celebrates his birthday and deals with the news his daughter is in hot water for serving minors alchohol. In the GMA video, watch for the crocs product tie-in. Now you know why companies approach celebrities to wear their wares. Animals, fashion and celebrities make news. Positive or negative, when the spot light is shining on them, share their limelight.

Nothing’s worse than wet bread. And with that image, Subway has a mess to clean up. Their main spokesperson, Jared Fogle, is guilty of child porn and sex with minors. If you are in the mental health, marketing or legal industries, this ‘soggy bread’ news is definitely hot today. How will Subway recover its marketing? What happens in the prosecution of criminals guilty of child porn? What can families do to protect children and if they’re victimized, what are steps to heal? An interesting angle on this is how the FBI was tipped off. Fogle evidently made an off-color comment about an under-aged girl to a friend of his and that friend went to the FBI and worked with them for years in a sting operation. This is perfect for social commentary on what people do when they hear or see something against the law.

When in danger, most would welcome a Navy Seal for assistance. But what if the Navy Seal were female? In today’s ‘hot’ news, women in elite military divisions, like the Navy Seal, Army Rangers and more are up for discussion.

Don’t be a beach bum! When the sun’s out, get your pitching guns out and make some waves. The media sun will shine on you too!