November 1st is “All Saints Day” and November 2nd is “All Souls Day.” October 31st is not only Halloween, it’s also Larry Mullen‘s birthday. U2 should know this. If you don’t get this joke, then you really need to know not only what day it is, but what year it is.

Birthdays are a big news tie-in so if you can cite a famous person and tie it to your business, cause or campaign, do it. Seasonal news is always covered by media and they’ve been preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas (and all Dec light celebrations from various religions) and New Year’s Eve since June of this year. Prep your media pitches and get your sound bites tight around eating, gift-giving and starting the year off-right.

It’s smart to consider holidays, seasons of the year and celebrity birthdays to make your mark in the news. Whether you’re talking about how to take holiday pounds off or getting ready to find love come Valentines Day, the media welcomes your ideas. U2 (you too) should know what day it is. Throughout the year! Especially if you’re wanting to be mentioned in the news.