I don’t own an ugly holiday sweater, but I am featured in BuzzFeed’s 2011 holiday photos that will give you holiday cheer. (See photo 20. Don’t laugh.)  However, if you do own an ugly top, today you can get media coverage. I always think of that scene in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” where her future boyfriend wears a really horrific holiday sweater. I just love that scene, and that movie for that matter. It seems like every significant media venue is celebrating this “holiday” day. Just take a look at the coverage:

ABC had a holiday sweater showdown on Good Morning America,

Hanford Sentinel let out the dogs in their holiday worst,

CBS News even covered guinea pigs in the fashion flubs, and

Celebrities like Beyonce get in on the ugly holiday cheer, too.

So how can you get ahead of such schedules? My friend and PR associate, Joan Stewart, reported on a great way to prepare for media covering holidays. Check it out and you too can make ugly pretty media coverage.