Zinnia was lost yesterday. I’ve been missing in action on this blog since December. Blame my absence on an unplugged kayaking vacation in Costa Rica between Christmas and the New Year. Blame Zinnia being lost on the desire to get grass on the other side of the fence. Zinnia is my chicken. Zinnia is also the first plant successfully grown by humans outside Earth. Blame our desire to get “grass” on Mars or another planet than Earth.

Read more about the failures and now success growing plants in space. It’s big news today.

In what other areas of life do you see humans seeking solutions? Where are we ‘lost?’ Successful businesses focus on problem/solutions. If you find an area where we all feel a bit lost and you have the solution, viola you will get buzz, media coverage and eventually sales and success.

So, what problem are you solving?

Never fear, Mr. Smith is here,” was a line mentioned in almost every television episode of Lost In Space. My mother liked to say it every day to me as well, inferring she was Mr. Smith. If you loved Mr. Smith as I did, you might be interested in this Seymour Theatre performance of Mr. Smith. I found it doing my research today. How can Mr. Smith teach you to fear less?

Never fear. You’re here. When I found, Zinnia, my lost chicken in a neighbor’s yard, she ran to me crying. She was definitely excited I was here. I picked her scared, shaking body up and put her back in her coop. The desire to seek green grass can put us all out of our comfort zones.

So what comfort zones are humans pushing?

When you’re wanting to make a difference in business, organizations, communities or even at your home, don’t feel lost. Assure those around you and the public points of contact of influence, there is nothing to fear when you’re near. Then tell them why. Your sphere of influence will go beyond the neighbor’s fence. I promise.