My new FitBit Charge works a bit and doesn’t work a bit. Corporate survival of the fittest games can make for big headlines, like this article in the Wall Street Journal. What new tools are you using today that could get you media coverage? Just write about your experience and share your thoughts on social media and you never know, your favorite media venue might contact you to weigh in on your expert or even “non-expert” opinion. You’ll notice in today’s digitally dominated world, many media post tweets and Facebook posts to even out their reporting.

For me, the FitBit turns walking into a game with my family and friends. We all compete to try to ‘get moving’ to get in our 10,000+ steps a day (in the right shoes, of course). I’ve compared it, however, to my Polar heart monitor and my NordicTrack treadmill and it simply doesn’t track my heart zones properly. As you know, I’m a certified Spinning instructor (forever joking how I spin stories at the office and spin at the gym) and so heart rate zones are very important to me. It’s how I teach Spinning! So, is the FitBit worth it? I think anything that turns fitness into fun is worth it, but there are many ways to make fitness fun.

Last week my mom was watching Dr. Oz and they actually covered the efficacy of tools like, FitBits. Their research showed the tools to be largely ineffective, but the report said what I say: “If the tool inspires you to move, it’s done its job whether it’s 100% accurate or not.”

So, how do you get fit a bit? I made myself a trainer so I couldn’t wiggle out of workouts. I have a whole class of people waiting on me at the gym! I also turn workouts into challenges and events. You’ll see me preparing for the next 5K, 10K or Spartan obstacle race with friends throughout the year.

Pitching the media and sharing yourself on social media is no different. To move your goals forward, a bit, you simply need to make it fun and one you can’t wiggle from. Box yourself in and game on.