Millions of Americans gather together in February for the annual tradition of watching the Super Bowl. Many of us have also become accustomed to anticipating the slew of all-new commercials advertisers put together specifically to premier on the big game day… but there was something very special and different about this year’s commercials. Did you notice it? We here at Wasabi Publicity certainly did.

Value Marketing vs. Product Marketing

Culturally, Americans have gotten used to decades of product marketing in its various forms, from clever, to funny, to practical or need-based selling techniques. In fact, the only advertising campaigns that really targeted the old heartstrings on a regular basis were those with ads for things like car insurance (protecting your loved ones), joining the U.S. Armed Forces (be brave, gain confidence), or charity/non-profit ads for human or animal welfare (be a good person, save lives). Each of those naturally fit into an emotional targeted campaign, whereas something like feminine products or hand soap simply didn’t… until now.

Advertisers have taken a bold step away from direct product marketing to embrace what we call “value marketing.” In other words, rather than telling your customers to buy your stuff, you’re delivering an emotional, value-driven message that resonates with people in a positive way, thereby associating those positive feelings with your product and making people feel better about you, your business, and what you’re selling. It’s an indirect yet incredibly effective way of advertising!

Take this year’s Always “Like a Girl” ad, for example (which just won Campaign of the Year at the PRWeek Awards). Instead of pushing their products, Always chose to take one of today’s hot-button issues—women’s rights and gender equality—and make that the target of the ad. The result is an extremely moving and revealing look behind the curtain of the American psyche. It’s personal, and it makes you think. That is value marketing at its best.

The Dove Men+Care “Real Strength” ad achieved similar heights with audiences. The company focused on dads in this case, honing in on the deep caring that exists between father and child. The tag line is, “Care makes a man stronger.” It’s a thoughtful presentation that appeals directly to very personal aspects of people’s lives, and it brings the brand in at the end as a reminder of who this company is that you, the viewer and potential customer, are actively resonating with.

What Do You Value?

So, how does this affect you? How will this new and highly effective shift in the way people are selling change the way you sell? Here at Wasabi, we are truly excited by this change in perspective. We believe that value-driven marketing is not only more effective, but it’s more genuine as well. Public relations is, after all, about relating to people and meeting them at their level.

What do you value, and how do you want to communicate that to your potential customers and clients? You know your values, and it’s our job to help you communicate them effectively. That’s the part we love, and our passion shines through our results.

If you’d like to learn more about how Wasabi Publicity is embracing this new age of value marketing, contact us to set up a consultation. We can help you to identify which of your values will best support your product base, and we can join you in creating an active plan for tapping into the hearts and minds of the public. Making it personal makes all the difference. Let us show you how.