Whew, today’s news includes men taking their shirts off. Tom Cruise is still packing visual heat for the ladies in his 50’s with the news of the Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation coming to a theater near you. All medical professionals and personal trainers will be on-call for media wanting to know Cruise’ secret of remaining so fit in his 50’s. Women will continue to look. Men will continue to seek his secrets to do the same. So, if you specialize in food, fitness or some kind of hormone miracle, now’s your time to approach the media with fountain of youth tidbits.

In other news, March Madness is still in the headlines. (But of course.) Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wore a shirt wearing logos of two NCAA teams over a pink dress shirt. It generated cheers and jeers says The Washington Post. Sports fans, experts and shirt companies now have a reason to provide the gift of gab to media friends. It certainly “T’d” the internet conversations.  See #WSUvsKU or #Brownback or #Kansas on Twitter.

Fashion experts can talk about unfavorable designs in clothing. TJ Maxx removes its noose T-Shirt displaying, “Hang loose” over a noose. CNN reports the whole story. It provides an opportunity for experts in the clothing and design industry to share do’s and don’ts when it comes to the intersection of culture and choices. Some times being on the edge simply means being in bad taste. How do you draw the line? Literally, how do you draw the design line? This t-shirt news provides a news tie-in for all types of T-shirt industry experts.

Finally, Cincinnati.com reports the production of a $20 T-shirt to help pay for their streetcar. This news paves the way for city developers to talk about how to fund new cultural attractions. Many cities desire a streetcar. Few have a streetcar named desire. Cue, “Stella” jokes now.