Today is all about plane safety. Unfortunately Germanwings plane crash has taken off all over headlines. It’s the worst crash in German history. Media contacts will need all kinds of experts who can discuss plane safety as they try to make sense of what’s happened. If you’ve personally survived a plane crash and you’re willing to share your experience, let your favorite media contacts know.

This is pretty much dominating the news today. I have a friend flying today and so it hits close to home as we all watch and wonder what’s happened.

When tragedy strikes, the news cycle is predictable: 1) making sense of what happened, 2) talking about how this affects society’s future, 3) talking with victims and families, easing emotions and feelings about what’s transpired.

So, while today is all about “what happened” tomorrow will be about the future. Right now media friends need plane safety experts. Tomorrow, they might need counselors and people with personal experience surrounding crashes and the plane industry overall. Keep your tips simple and straight forward as the media will be busy dealing with this unfolding story.