I’ve been working out for almost two years, which at my age, I consider a small miracle and something I’m quite proud of.?️‍♂️ I even continued with my workouts online during all the obstacles of 2020.?

We all know the statistics on people not keeping their New Year’s Resolutions. I was curious about the difference between people who follow through with their fitness commitments vs. those who don’t, so during one of my workouts, I asked my personal trainer, Arpad, his opinion.?

Whether we’re talking about working out, dieting, or a marketing plan, these things all require that same magic sauce, right? The first thing Arpad said is motivation. No surprise there. We all know them: those (annoying), super-motivated people who stick with everything, no matter what. You know if you’re one of them. ?

For the rest of us, I found something else Arpad said very fascinating and enlightening: open-minded people are more likely to stick with their workouts.

That had me stop and think about all the places in my life where this is true. It’s even true with our clients. He was right: the more open-minded our clients are, the more successful their PR campaign.

We’ve been in the PR game a long time, but this isn’t something I’ve thought about. ? The key to a successful marketing campaign is open-mindedness. When I really thought about all the PR campaigns we’ve launched over the past two decades, it’s true. The more open-minded our client, the more successful their campaign.

So, what does “open-minded” actually mean? I think it might be different for all of us.

You probably recognize those moments in life where you’re open to new thoughts, ideas, and strategies. You’re curious about new pathways that may lead you where you want to go. And if you look close, there was joy in the effortless flow of those new ideas. Magic. The opposite holds true for a closed mind. Everything seems like a struggle, leaving you frustrated and rigid, not knowing what to do. I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely prefer the former.

? So, how do you cultivate an open mind? Here are some simple tricks to help you open your mind and get into the flow.

  1. Get curious. Life and business is truly an adventure, so get curious about whatever is right in front of you. Bring a child-like wonder to the situation. I know for you hard business-minded people this might sound a little too woo-woo, but give it a whirl. Adventure and wonder was fun as a kid… don’t you want more of that magic in your business?
  2. Let go. For a lot of us, this is the hardest: letting go of control and all our preconceived notions. I know letting go can feel very scary, but it’s so important if you want to get into the flow. Nothing shuts down the flow quicker than control. Jump in and invite your team to do the same. The water is fine, I promise.
  3. Stop the noise. Stop listening to that little voice in your head! Yes, the one that’s saying, “What little voice?” Sometimes that voice isn’t the most empowering friend. It’ll shout common phrases like, “I already know that,” “that wouldn’t work,” or “that’s stupid.” The more we pay attention to that little voice, the less open-minded we are, and the more we’re destined to just keep doing the same thing over and over… which is the definition of insanity. Just saying.

If you’re launching a new marketing project or you’re feeling stuck, I invite you to open your mind to new ideas, create a space of openness, and enjoy the process.? An optimistic, open mindset enables growth and opens you up to new possibilities. You might even find yourself rethinking things you thought you knew; challenging what you think is “true” in your marketing campaign, company, or life.

If you follow these steps, I promise you’ll see things in a new way, a way that’s a lot more effective and a lot more fun. Who knows? You might even want to try this with your 2021 New Year’s Resolution.

? Previously published at Forbes.com