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This week we’re creating the author’s online press kit. Here are examples of press kits I’m using currently in PR campaigns I’m directing. It will be good resources for you to see how our team at Wasabi Publicity creates the kits.

? Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is a scholar, author, and Founding Dean of The Meaningful Life Center who shares emotional, psychological, and spiritual wisdom and a blueprint for modern living.

  • How to disagree without hate or anger – home for the holidays
  • How to let gratitude be your guide this Holiday Season
  • 3 ways to give the gift of hopefulness & peace this Holiday Season

? Diana Cole

Spirit translator and well-being expert Diana Cole teaches people how to listen to their own inner guidance and live with joy and meaning. Author of Spirit Translator – Seven Truths for Creating Well Being and Connecting with Spirit

  • Navigate grief – during a year of loss, loss of ‘normal,’ activities, regularity and more – Diana offers expert guidance
  • Ushering Peace into your moments this Holiday season
  • How to give the gift of connectedness this holiday season (with inner spirit & loved ones, despite distancing regulations)

? Landmark

Landmark is a personal and professional growth, training, and development company that’s served more than 2.4 million people all over the world in their personal lives and their communities. People experience breakthroughs in their performance, communication, relationships, and overall satisfaction in life.

  • Home for the Holidays? Communicating in a way that reduces stress or disagreements
  • Create space for connection even while social distancing

? Dr. Bradley Nelson

Veteran Holistic Physician and Bestselling Author of The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson shares how to identify and release the emotional baggage that harms health and relationships.

  • How Emotional Intelligence can be a key to happiness & success (exercises)
  • Overcome stress over the holidays & beat seasonal blues
  • Give the gift of greater peace & a sense of purpose this holiday season

? HSSV – Humane Society Silicon Valley – A Leader in Animal Welfare: The World’s First Model Shelter Compassion, Community, and Service: Enhancing Animal and Human Lives in Silicon Valley

? Mutual Rescue – Mutual Rescue™ celebrates how people and pets save each other, producing viral short films and inspiring people to support and engage with local shelters

? Dr. Alan Lindemann

In his nearly four decades as an obstetric physician, Dr. Alan has delivered more than 6,000 babies — with a maternal mortality rate of ZERO! Still active, he now focuses his practice on maternal health and wellness, offering tips and insights for women before, during, and after pregnancy

  • Expecting a baby – top tips to avoid stress over the holidays
  • Give yourself the gift of Hope – trying to conceive?
  • Gifts that keep giving for new Moms

? Katherine Hosie

Katherine Hosie, M.Sc. uses evidence-based coaching psychology to empower high-functioning leaders and their organizations. Her unique leadership guidance is informed by methods that have been scientifically proven to produce results.

  • 5 Ways to bring gratitude & connection into your workplace & team this holiday season (boosts motivation, trust, productivity & morale)
  • Transform transition fatigue to confidence & a harmonious workplace

? Olivette Riverside Community & Farm

Cultivating crops & community by connecting people through food, nature, and community, Olivette Riverside Community and Farm showcases new ideas for healthy living, food security, and sustainability. The 346-acre community along the French Broad River near Asheville, N.C., is the first and only “agrihood” in Western North Carolina

  • Top sustainable gifts for the home this holiday season
  • 5 Organic, Farm-to table meal ideas for the holidays
  • Creative ways to safely ‘gather’ outdoors & still stay warm

? Darla DeMorrow

Certified Professional Organizer Darla DeMorrow helps busy executives, entrepreneurs, and homeowners beautify their world through organization. Author of several inspiring books, including “The Pregnant Entrepreneur,” “Organizing Your Kitchen with SORT and Succeed,” and “Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed.”

  • Memory video gift (relive your vacations!)
  • Stay Organized for stress-free Holidays this season

? PATH2 

From high school students to people in career transition, PATH2 helps people choose careers they’ll love and be great at. They’re building brighter futures with the PATH2™ Online Career Selection Program. 

  • Give the gift of clarity, purpose & a path towards a bright future
  • Career transitioners get boost with PATH2’s unique online service

? Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer

Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer is an internationally renowned expert on infectious diseases and vaccine safety and a thought leader on efforts to transform how medical professionals care for their patients — and themselves. He is the author of the new book “Dare to Care — How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Medical World.”

  • What does the vaccine mean for most of us?
  • Physician & healthcare worker burnout & fatigue
  • How physicians & healthcare workers can care for themselves