Clearly what the world needs now is more love. So, let’s talk love: What’s your love language? Since this is a PR blog, let’s also ask: What’s the love language of the media?

First, a story! A few years ago, I asked my husband this question and he had never heard of ‘love languages’ so we did a quick internet search, took a quiz and we learned each other’s love language. His is “quality time” and mine is “gifts.” It made sense to me. When we grocery shopped together, I’d give him half the list and say, “Get these items and meet me back at the checkout area at XXX time.” He’d shake his head no and grab my hand and sheepishly say, “Let’s shop together instead!” Then I’d reply, “But that will take twice as long.” He’d grin and nod his head in anticipation of spending extra time with me. I’d sigh and he’d get his way. See, the love language in play? Quality time excites my husband at home, at play, or yes, even at the grocery store. ?

Press contacts also have their love language. It’s “making a difference.”??

So many PR clients come to us thinking the press will care about their book, company, organization, service, or product. Nope ⛔. What the press cares about is how you can help them make a difference with their viewers, readers, and listeners.

Typically, the topic areas are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love

At minute 50 of this call with Clayton Moore, author Good Cop, Black Cop: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, I create two news and story angles for each with him. Here’s an outline of my last call which mirrors all my client intake calls. As I said in December, I’m pulling back the Wizard of Oz curtain and letting you see everything I do:

  • Minute 10-20: Distinguishing macro/micro conversations by first looking at narratives shared by publicist Michelle, and author Clayton.
  • Minute 20-25: What is in an online press kit — using examples from For Clayton’s privacy, the client questionnaire I use is paraphrased.
  • Minute 25-30: Logistics and elements of media materials, interview coordination, and what to include for the press.
  • Minute 30-40: What’s in the news (macro conversations) to match in media materials. People on the call were asked to search This is what the press is talking about.
  • Minute 40-45: Oprah 45 second exercise. Bonus: If you find yourself wanting to do this exercise, too, do it with a child. Awesome reactions from children who will tell you the truth!
  • Minute 45-50: Lessons Clayton intends to teach with his book/platform/materials being a go-to media source. Answer yourself the questions I ask Clayton to write your own press kit.
  • Minute 50-End: Health, Wealth, Love (2 News and Story Angles each) and last comments from the author, writing support, and publisher.

This call will become the heart of Clayton’s online press kit which we will unveil in my call with him on Friday, January 15, 2021. It’s all part of our Real PR in Real-Time six-part series, which is an extension of the 2020 free PR coaching we’ve been providing people who want to pivot in the pandemic. We like to think of it as our community service. Download the workbook for no-cost, no-opt-in at our free media networking site ?.

The workbook and series take you through this simple process we do with every one of our campaigns:

  1. Create press materials in an online press kit.
  2. Pitch those materials to press contacts.
  3. Maximize press interviews and placements.

This month, we’ll continue to model key distinctions to succeed:

  1. WHY you are doing PR
  2. WHAT difference you’re wanting to make
  3. WHO you will pitch (and how to get/stay related to those people)
  4. WHEN to pitch (evergreen, seasonal, breaking news)
  5. HOW to contact press (email, phone, snail mail, social media)

And the difference between success and failure is: making a difference. This is always the love language of media people. They are writing for the good of the public. While the news cycle can feel overwhelming and intense (especially this week), I invite you to listen to it with a fresh context: what difference can YOU make. That is the heart of what we’re teaching you. I’m sorry to tell you the truth, but please hear me when I say, “No one wants to hear more about your book/service/company/insert whatever you are promoting. What they want to hear is how YOU will make a difference to THEIR health, wealth, and love success.” ? All the world needs now is love, sweet love, and you, my friend and blog reader can contribute, and the press is waiting to hear from you today. Join us so we can teach you the confidence, strategy, and skills you feel may be missing.

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