Explain how to spark aha moments and you’ll get media coverage. I’m #SparkingAhaMoments with the White House today. You can too! Inside our annual pro bono work, Wasabi Publicity created the campaign and wrote this press release which contains links to children’s activities for year-long “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (TODASTW)” experiences. The TODASTW Foundation recently partnered with “Big Brothers Big Sisters of America” (BBBSA) and mentees aka “Littles” will be brought to work this year. The rest of the year (for the first time ever) there will be activity guides for inspiration summer, fall and winter. Here’s how to extend the lessons well beyond the big day from Working Mother magazine. The suggestions include creativity curriculum from Oscar-winning producer, Barnet Bain. He pulled activities from his book, “The Book of Doing and Being,” to spark aha moments in children and adults. Download the guides:

2016 Barnet Bain TODASTW Day Activity Book Grade School and Junior High


2016 Barnet Bain TODASTW Day Activity Book Teens and Adults

We also enrolled the GPS Girl to attend NBCUniversal’s TODASTW day. Millions created programs, took photos and inspired ‘aha’ moments in children. Consumer media like Arizona Central to trade media like Philanthropy New York covered #SparkingAhaMoments.

Other people in the news today inspiring “aha” moments include members of the women’s national soccer team who have won Olympic gold medals and a World Cup last year. They filed a federal complaint. It’s leaving many with discussion and insight, to say the least. (Fans of CareerGirls.org – also sponsors of the 2016 TODASTW #SparkingAhaMoments activity guides – would have something to say about this news.)

There are many newsmakers who spark aha moments. You can be one of them. Pick a seasonal news tie-in, like TODASTW Day, and tell your media contacts your insights. Then we’ll all be inspired by your tips, tools and aha stories.