I felt like I was in a movie as I watched the Van pull up in front of us. For a second I believed someone was going to jump out, grab us and throw us inside with no clue where we were going. However, this was not the case and in the Yucatan this mode of transportation is available to get you from point A to point B quick, lightning quick. The vans are called Combis and they come equipped with nothing. We decided to try out the Combi to take us to the slow food market. They are crowded vans with no air conditioning. They drive around the city, in what appears to be no particular rhyme or reason. I’m sure there is actually a method to their madness, what that method actually is remains a mystery to this gringo. However, we arrived at the slow market with efficiency and ease. Not only was this a cultural experience, but also, to my amazement, their method worked like a charm.

This experience also served as a great reminder about an important lesson for PR.

Sometimes it may look like your business or PR campaign is out of control, but upon closer inspection, it may actually be in perfect working order.