Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
Since we are in Mexico we decided to celebrate my birthday by taking a trip back in time.

We visited two historical sites, Uxmal and Sayil. Both of these historical sites are located on the Yucatan Peninsula. We had a wonderful time and highly recommend these sites if you happen to be visiting/vacationing/working in this part of the world. Enjoy this photo blog of how we spent my birthday in 2011. Que tenga un buen dia!

Uxmal Governers Palace

This building was said to be the home to the Lord Chak. It has 20 rooms in 2 long rows.


This is where the Aluses and the Dwarf of Uxmal are said to live.

Another view of the Uxmal Magician's Temple

This is the Uxmal Nunnery Triangle

This is all that remains of the Palace. It had 3 levels with 90 rooms and would have been home to approximately 350 people

This site has not yet been excavated as you can tell from the photo. This ruin dates from 750 to 950. The name means Place of the Ants.