The key is to promote yourself without being overly promotional. Part of giving a great interview is being able to promote yourself, your expertise, book or product in a way that doesn’t appear to be self-promoting. This is all about giving the media what they want, answering their questions and avoiding blatant self-promotion. Avoid phrases such as “in my book, film, seminar, etc.”, and let the reporter guide the discussion. If they ask you specifically about your book, product or service, of course give them the answer they seek. Always let the conversation develop organically.

Think about it like a first date. You want to make a great impression, right? Concentrate on the needs of you interviewer and their audience. Remember, the interview is your best promotion. Chances are they will identify you by your profession or company, perhaps including your Web address or contact information as part of the segment or article. So take a backseat to the interview’s promotional power and enjoy the publicity results.