Click to view slideshow.Did you fall in love with your opposite? I did. Not only did I marry Shannon Nicholson, my opposite in love, I also created Wasabi Publicity with Drew Gerber, my opposite in business. It’s true opposites attract. But do they attract media coverage? You bet. Relationship facts, tips and quips for sure get the attention of the media. Why? People love to read and learn from other people’s trials and tribulations. Here I am admitting to crying on vacation with my husband in the Wall Street Journal’s Personal Journal Column called “Bonds.” Be vulnerable. It makes a great story! The journalist was researching whether planners and non-planners can make it work. I know for a fact it can and actually build my media team with opposites. You need the creatives, organizers, money minders and general jokers to make a good team thrive. The other recommendation I have for you is journal about your life’s experiences. Snap photos. Shoot videos. You never know when the media will need candid shots (for which you need to own the copyright). We took the photos included in this 2011 Wall Street Journal article in 2004. Wow. They were even taken with one of those old cameras that took panoramic views. Remember those? It’s a good thing too, because the photos brought back memories I could share in my interview. (The crying on an overnight train I remembered without help, though ;-) Lately, I’ve been journaling on Penzu. I love it. It even sends me reminders to write. My husband captures all his adventures in a little leather-bound journal he keeps next to his bed. He adds photos from time to time. Whether you’re a planner, like me, or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants guy, like Shannon, keep fun photos, details and lessons learned. You never know when your life will make a difference for a journalist and by proxy, millions of people reading the media coverage using your life as an example. Your life may become the ‘characters’ in the story the media’s spinning.

Shannon and Michelle in Austria

Shannon Nicholson and Michelle Tennant Nicholson overlook Austria from the Fort


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