Medical marijuana saved the life of Haleigh Cox after her parents moved her from Atlanta to Colorado. Weed is on the brain of many media. It’s such a divisive topic. If you have medical, political or {{personal}} experience with the popular “mary jane” then now’s your time to say “this is our brain on drugs.”

I reported on Sinead O’Connor in my blog entry, “God, Dog and Basketball.” Today, Sinead’s making headlines again because she’s quitting social media, claiming it’s ‘the most dangerous place on earth‘ thanks to the two stalkers she’s attracted. If you’re an expert on internet safety, this is an interesting tie-in. Also, if you’re a dating professional, you can tie-in to the do’s and don’ts of dating. (You might recall Sinead put out a very public call-for-men recently as well.) However you feel about this story, the truth is, women seek tips and tools on how to be safe on a daily basis. This is a great tie-in to make your voice heard. We all need to feel safe and healthy regardless of politics and strong opinions.

Speaking of strong opinions… if Hillary Clinton’s name isn’t enough of a pull for strong opinions, certainly gay marriage is. Just bring either topic up at your next social gathering and see what happens. Hillary’s taking on gay marriage and calling for Supreme Court support. The media will be looking for local and national tie-ins to this story for some time, I’d bet. The presidential hopefuls are just now starting to emerge, gay marriage’s been on the media docket for some time and just this past week, Obama’s made a call-out to ban conversion therapy as I reported in my blog entry, “Fight The Power.”

This is your brain.

This is your brain (on strong opinions). Now, go make your strong opinion to media friends. They just might be looking for your commentary.