Are you a dog or relationship expert? If so, have your eye on this ball if you seek media coverage: a study that proves humans bond with dogs through eye contact. CBS reports scientists have found loving gazes produce the same biochemical reaction between dogs and humans as with mother and child. The study was led by Takefumi Kikusui, an animal behaviorist at Azabu University in Japan. Dog trainers, scientists, relationship experts, animal rescuers, family therapists and authors on any of these topics can toss this ball into their media pitches as they seek to be part of news stories today and this weekend.

Speaking of balls… 50 years ago this week one of the most iconic basketball plays in history was made when John Havlicek stole an inbound pass. Sport peeps can chat on social media or contact their favorite sports media contacts and celebrate memories reliving the best ball plays ever.

Or the worst plays ever.

It was reported earlier this week a professional umpire said he was on LSD when he called a no-hitter. (Let the comments fly about sports and drugs.)

In fact, there are many interesting plays in the news today: from families opposing the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber to technical issues affecting trading at Bloomberg. Legal, business, technical and social commentators will be needed by media for these news items.

Eye the seasonal and breaking news in your industry and then keep your eye on that ball as you share your stories, sound bites and statistics.


Plaaaay ball.