BMI letters accompany school report cards these days. They’re not effective for teens. Personally, I’m very muscular due to my athletic pursuits and German heritage. So, I for sure would have gotten this type of letter as a child. I find it ironic that the schools I taught in years ago lacked on outdoor movement time and most likely, these are the types of schools issuing fat letters. Hypocrisy at its best. Why not send children the real message about their bodies … that they’re PHAT (perfect hips and thighs).

This tiny girl got a fat letter. Wonder what she’d feel like if she got a phat letter? When I taught 5th grade, I issued daily notes on what the children did right that day opposing all the negative messages they got in other classrooms. I know they got those messages, because co-teachers talked and gossiped about the children and their families in the teachers’ lounge.

I’m sure you have an opinion about negative communication: fat versus positive communication: phat. Tie these comments into your media pitching to score local and national media coverage.

Other phat (an outdated term also meaning cool) news includes:

> Google name change,

> 6 year old boy loses both parents and gathers 33K smiles,

> whitewater favorite Animas river gets toxic spill,

> Hillary and Trump in presidential news, and

> Jennifer marries Justin.

What do you think is perfect? What do you think is not? Your soundbites, stories, statistics and sources can generate media coverage for you and your public platform. Now, that’s phat.