Criminal activity makes for great media pitch angles. Consistently in the news lately is Bill Cosby. says “Bill Cosby [is] busted” in an article today. Writing about Cosby these days leaves a level of slime. Sexual abuse occurs to the media that way too. While it’s unfortunately in the news a lot, the media doesn’t relate to these stories in any way but must-cover hard news stories. It’s not something to lead with in your pitches. Instead, lead with keeping your family safe and positive educational angles, simply using the hard news of the nasty truth as a tie-in.

Other “busts” providing news fodder today includes:

> Bribery
> Health care ignorance
> Stalking and invading privacy
> Drug raids
> Fake checks
> Beauty queen fraud

A quick way to breakthrough to media coverage, is tying your soundbites, stories and statistics into criminal activity today. Otherwise, your media pitching will go bust.