Oh boy. Bribes, kickbacks and balls. Soccer balls that is. Corruption at FIFA spans $150 million dollars. It is the world’s richest sporting association. Calling all soccer … moms. How will this corruption affect the sport at large? How will it affect your local communities?

Soccer is more loved around the world than what American’s call football (remember, soccer is called football in some areas of the world). So, if you’re trying to land a goal of media coverage, how do your sound bites play well with soccer commentary? This FIFA corruption story is just getting started.

Moms can talk about being soccer moms and how they feel about world matters and their beloved sport. Athlete and game professionals can talk about the reality of bribery and corruption in all sports. Community leaders can talk about big business and pitfalls in all types of government from democratic to socialist. Soccer players of all kinds can hit the social media scene and express their opinions.

Sports, families and all things soccer are now on the field. Play ball!