Are you born perfect? How do you think Bruce Jenner or fans of hit Amazon show Transparent would answer that? How about Mathew Shurka, who endured years of gay conversion therapy only to find peace with him being “born perfect, whole and complete” at the Landmark Forum? See WGN‘s coverage on Shurka’s gay conversion story and how Landmark inspired him to create a project he calls #BornPerfect.

Were you born perfect?

Tell your media friends, if so or if not. Your view is your view and news makers need your stories, sound bites, statistics and more for public debate. Your view, no matter what it is, can make a reporter’s day because you’re willing to be quoted publicly.

So, were you born perfect?

How you feel about your birth and childhood aren’t the only things in the news right now. The Knoxville Zoo welcomes a new baby gorilla. See birth and childhood are always newsworthy.

Even sports reporters talk about birth. USA Today reports on Stephen Curry and LeBron James’ beloved Akron this week.

The International Business Times reports on birth certificates not issued to children born to undocumented immigrants.

Perhaps you’re a medical professional helping families cope powerfully with physical wellness; a personal development expert helping people believe they were born perfectly whole and complete; an animal professional with knowledge of wild births; a legal eagle helping people track down documents; or even a sports enthusiast who can cite hometowns at the drop of the hat.

Whatever you have to say to the media, is perfect. They just need to hear you. You were born to express something special. What will you say today? Hash tag it, baby, and get heard. Just like Mathew.