My guilty pleasure lately is watching old reruns of Forensic Files on HLN. BB King’s recent death is being investigated as a possible homicide now, so naturally my forensic brain wants to know all about the possible poisoning and motives and so forth. This news opens up many possible commentary opportunities for the public at large.

Therapists can talk about grieving, especially since Memorial Day was this past weekend. Doctors can talk about poison being used throughout history and how to stay safe when someone wishes you ill will. Music professionals can recount the many contributions BB King made throughout his life. Lawyers can talk about other alleged families dealing with allegations of poisoning, money and motives.

Contact your media friends, because we’re all blue that BB King is dead. King sang about sorrow, life’s challenge and eased our souls with music. You can honor the blues, by being blue. Tie it into your conversations and make this tragic loss make a difference.