Are you “so VIP?” My uncle (may he rest in peace) used to say, “Anyone can be an expert 20 miles from home.” I say, the same goes with VIP status. It’s all how spin the story of your life and what you say to others about your life ~ especially 20 miles from your home (wink). So, go VIP or go home.

Today’s news includes celebs, politicians, athletes and other VIPs so tie your ‘bigness’ into their stories for bigger ‘bigging.’ (Shawne Duperon, a friend of mine who is a world-renowned media trainer and an award-winning producer says all the time, “Big ’em up, Michelle,” referring to bolstering a PR client’s platform and VIP status.)

‘Big’ yourself up by leading with your credentials, first. Then add sound bites, stories, statistics and tips to your news angles featuring these VIPs today:

> Bill Cosby (sexual abuse allegations)

> Pope Francis (says rich shouldn’t rule the world)

> Jared Fogle (lost 245 pounds; perfect spokesperson?)

> Donald Trump (wrong or right about immigrants?)

> Serena Williams (crushing it in tennis, again)

> George Osborne (increases living wage; cuts working-age benefit)

> Hillary Rodham Clinton (talkin’ ’bout other presidential hopefuls)

Today’s VIP headlines provide fodder for lots of experts: family counselors, lawyers, motivational speakers, authors on books about wealth, spiritual leaders, weight loss leaders, nutritionists, marketing pros, immigration specialists, political pundits, sports enthusiasts, tennis teachers, government workers, social activists and feminists. What can you say about your own VIP status in relationship to these news notables?

‘Big yourself up’ today and see your own VIP status soar.