To find out what’s flying high, you first must look to see what’s not flying high. Today, the Confederate battle flag no longer flies high. If you have sound bites, stories, statistics and history tidbits on this, now is your time to be in front of the media. It points to a much deeper issue and so if you have the same on racism in our culture or what it means to honor your heritage, now’s the time to push yourself into public conversations.

I reported earlier this week on VIP’s flying high in my blog post, “So VIP.” They’re still in the news, so pick your VIP and ‘big’ yourself up alongside them. My favorite VIP flying high today is Serena Williams. Her confidence has lots of legs – and not just tennis legs – for many stories affecting women today. Flying not so high is Donald Trump and Bill Cosby.

In health news, ibuprofen (nicknamed Vitamin I amongt adrenaline seeking athletes who push themselves too often and hurt as a result) is not flying high today. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration strengthened its warning labels, saying they can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. If you can talk about natural alternatives, like White Willow Bark, now’s your time to get your healing tips in front of the media.

From flags to nags to tabs, today’s news if flying high with angles you can use to score media coverage. Fly your flag high today.