Cosby, the most famous pudding eater, is in the news today for admitting to getting Quaaludes to give to women. Eating pudding as an adult camp counselor was one of my fondest memories. That dairy sugar-laden institutional chocolate pudding is so tasty and we staff would eat it up after the kids got their share. So tasty, it’s even featured in Walking Dead as Carl eats pudding.

Fox News reports, “

[Chloe] Goins, now 25, said Cosby, 77, drugged her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 18, and she awoke naked and found Cosby over her.”

Pudding’s not the only childhood memory tainted today. So are helium balloons. One man’s advertising stunt lifts him in his lawn chairs only to miss the target landing. It’s ok. He had on a parachute, but what about all that trash? Those helium balloons are sure to have littered nature. Ugh. No, I don’t have an obvious opinion on litter. Just last week, I honked at a guy in front of me at the grocery store who threw his cup out the window while parked. He picked it up after catching my glare and horn honk. I also shamed a tradition at a lake near me. When I went stand-up paddle boarding with friends, I noticed tons of water balloons floating in the lake. Turns out “the kids look so forward to throwing water balloons at each other each July 4th holiday.” Okay, who picks up the trash. I did. On my kayak and stand-up paddle board.

Speaking of trash. Looks like tons of flags will now be trash now that the confederate flag has been voted to be removed from government grounds.

So, trash talk is in the news. Balloons. Flags. Celebrities sexually abusing women. And pudding. Choose whichever news angle floats your boat today. Create your sound bites, gather your stories, research your stats and get it all in front of your media friends to get some lift in your marketing goals. (You can leave your helium balloons at home.) All of the news today leaves me with an upset stomach. Think I’ll go eat some greek yogurt, now.