Health hazard? A woman collapses from wearing skinny jeans. I loathe the skinny jean trend. Turns out, my health benefits from it. If you’re a well-being expert, today you can tie into how clothes and health work side-by-side .. ur, uh or tighten your sides.

“Don’t squat” in skinny jeans they say. Most women know the horror of putting on clothing that is too tight. I once joked with my average size girlfriends about laying on the bed to put on jeans. (Our skinny friend ‘didn’t get it.’ We all wanted to punch her.)

Recently, my anti-aging doctor told me not to squat because I’m German and my thighs are quite responsive to the Spinning, TRX and obstacle course training. “Really, I said?” I don’t think that’s good advice. I have exercise certifications he doesn’t so I think I’m going to stick with my kettlebells. Speaking of weights, Sean Combs aka Diddy, is in the news for being arrested for assault with a kettlebell. Any Russians out there who can speak to the history of kettlebells? The media might be looking for you.

Ironically in today’s news, “Fat is back.” CNN reports the “vilified nutrient gets a reprieve. Thank goodnews, because as you know, I recently blogged about how “flavor is in the fat.”

Now, while you health experts get to pitching your tips, tools, stories and statistics about clothing and health, I’m still trying to get my skinny jeans over my voluptuous hips today.