Heckler shut down by Obama. It’s sweet if you haven’t seen it. My father shut down a friend of mine when I was nine. She was spending the night and smelled her food, then pushed it away. He told her if she couldn’t be respectful she should not come back to ‘his house.’ What is respect? If you’re an expect in human behavior (aha, I am — with my masters in human development), then now’s the time to get in front of the media. I make my living at PR, though, not dishing out advice on how to behave. I certainly represent a lot of clients, though, who have books, organizations, products and programs on how to behave and you better bet, I’ll use White House tie-ins.

What’s in your house that might interest the media? Flags are hot topics this week due to the hate crime shooting in Charleston. Anyone associated with government, the flag making industry or companies affected by the removal of confederate images from keepsakes, could get in front of the media with their soundbites and perspectives.

I  just wouldn’t advise calling up the gun debate by stating victims waited their turn to be shot during a shooting spree, like this SC lawmaker. Hmmm. Speak to a publicist first about your chosen soundbites. When will community leaders learn?!?! He issued an apology later.

Finally, your car at your house might bring in some extra revenue for you if you own a Ford. Turns out Ford is now rivaling Uber with a car-sharing program. I bet you have an opinion on that if you own a Ford. If so, your local media might want to hear from you.

Happy home making.