Geico’s commercial featuring a free range chicken cracks me up every time I watch it. I laugh probably because I have seven back-yard chickens and they bring great joy to my life when I let them go free range before they perch for bedtime. My husband and I “tuck them into bed” at sunset and then go for an egg hunt. Are you free range in your life? Are you hunting for something? Do you get out there?

Two escaped convicts are ‘out there.’ That’s what’s dominating the news this morning. Forget the egg hunt. There’s a full-blown man-hunt for them. If you have any tie-ins to our correctional system, now’s your time to be in front of the media. Also, if you’re a business in the area where the convicts’ DNA has been found, the media will want to hear from you. Further, if you’ve ever had past experience similar to this, the media can use your soundbites.

Someone who isn’t free today is the 21 year old gunman who walked into a Charleston Bible study and killed people because they were black. The city of Charleston is showing the world how to forgive after a massacre.

Apple vs Taylor Swift has come to an end after the dispute over what should be free or not. Turns out, just because a corporation as large as Apple wants to provide free downloads, it doesn’t mean an artist has agreed for their music to be given away for free.

Having children certainly cuts into your free time. Kim Kardashian made a stealth announcement about a new baby boy over Father’s Day, this past weekend.

How can you go free range? Go big for more prominent media coverage? Tie it into trending, breaking and seasonal news. Go free range, go big or go home – just like my chickens. {{Chickens clucking.}}