What secrets do you know that would light the media’s interest? The Duggar family’s child sexual abuse scandal is only news because someone leaked sealed juvenile records. As a survivor of child sexual abuse by the hands of a neighbor myself, I’m quick to always say, “You’re only as sick as your secrets.” I brought my perp to justice when I was 20 years old. He went to jail where he later died. Hard stuff. That secret was one to share to save others from abuse. He had progressed to child porn by the time I was able to help the police arrest him. (I know. One day I’ll write a movie or book about it. Quite dramatic story.)

I share this personal fact from my life to help you face the facts of your own life that will make a difference for others and ultimately make our society a better one for all of us.

What secret are you holding that would benefit society to know?  Lines become blurred and only you can say what’s just and what is not. What goes around comes around, I believe.

Whether you believe sealed juvenile records should be shared or whether Josh Duggar is a true pedophile or not, one thing’s for sure. Media love a good secret.

Less heavy-handed secrets interest them too. Maybe you have an exclusive offering? For sure an exclusive was offered to Vanity Fair when it came to Bruce Jenner being on the cover of the magazine as Caitlyn Jenner. Perhaps you missed that news yesterday. It goes without saying, but lest you misunderstand my blog post, I am only including the Duggar and Jenner story in the same post because of a) timing of the news and b) that they held secrets.

These are such touchy topics, I’m even nervous to say out loud my truth around these news items. Alas, that is when you know you have a good news angle — it’s risky. It pushes society into conversations some times they’d rather sweep under the rug.

What are your secrets? You’re only as sick as your secrets. So tell the truth, be known and let others be known. Even if that truth isn’t comfortable.