OMG. My hero. Serena Williams just nailed the French Open and is going to the finals, despite having the flu. I had a broken rib earlier this year and then got the flu right after that. I had a tough time getting to the gym and if I hadn’t become a Spinning instructor in 2011 to balance sitting at my desk all day as a publicist, believe me, I wouldn’t have made it to the gym when I had the flu. The French Open? Williams is a goddess. She must be. That strength? Come on!

If you can talk about how athletic bodies work, the media may want to talk to you. Endurance training and having the stamina to pull through physically no matter the circumstance is a topic of interest to everyone. Your media pitching can ‘nail it’ as hard as Williams did with topics of wide consumer interest.

Speaking of nailing it, women now get a ‘Viagra-like’ sex-drive pill. I always say health, wealth and love (and by love, I mean sex) are the 3 golden topics to get media coverage. If you’re a doctor, sex therapist or woman with a story to tell, the media might be looking for your commentary on this new sex-drive pill. Even if you don’t want to comment on it, you can talk about making-whoopee tips. (Yes, I’m channeling that 1970’s show).

What you say will tell others whether you’ll ‘nail’ your commitments or not, evidently. In today’s news, Quartz reports on language people use while borrowing money may indicate whether they will pay back the loan or not. You can take this interesting angle to other industries too: words people use while dating foreshadow whether they’ll divorce or words athletes use while training will have them fail or nail the finals. I’m betting Serena’s words were superhero infused.

Super powers. Activate. Form of … a media pitch!

Nailed it.