We’ve heard of people who are “skinny fat” which typically means the person is skinny but not fit at all. In the news today is a 300 pound pitcher who has gone viral. Is there a thing called “fat skinny” which might imply an athlete is carrying too much weight, but is an accomplished athlete? (Can you feel his pain? I can.) This pitcher has a resting heart rate in the 50’s, which is pretty darn fit. So, who’s to say what’s fit and what’s not?

If you’re a well-being expert, now’s your time to get in on this public debate. What is fat? What is skinny? What is healthy? What is unhealthy?

We’ve been at this public conversation for years. It will continue, my friend.

Another pitch that works well is food demonstrations. If you’re a chef, nutritionist or author with a book about food, be sure to pitch local and national TV producers cooking demo segments. They LOVE them. They’re the easiest things to book, in my experience. Here’s a recent one I booked for a vegan chef.

Finally, all you emotional experts and doctors … be sure to tie-in your best tips to dealing with food and emotions in a healthy manner. Look up other health news today as well. Doctors can provide insight on what’s happening internally in the body.

Most people who know me well, know that I teach Spinning at my local gym to beat blogger butt. So when my friend and business associate, Dan Peschio emailed me this article, “Sharpening the Saw: Why Productive People Always Have Time for Exercise,” I immediately posted it to my Facebook wall. Dan is also the person in my life at every potluck dinner who will peruse the ‘eats’ by saying, “Mmmm, flavor is in the fat.” So true.

Turns out, lately, fat is also in the favor. {{Get it? The L is missing.}} At least it’s in the faVOR in baseball pitching. Fat’s in the favor. Love that.