I had a shag hair cut in my teens. We also had a shag carpet. But evidently, my generation has shagged more people than the younger generation today. How many sex partners you have makes headlines today.

Generational differences are always a good bet to interest the media. We love exploring the differences between Baby Boomers, GenX and Millennials. Media shapes us all. Comment on how it’s shaped your industry – even better, take a study on its influence and you’ll be instantly attractive to media seeking stories, stats and sound bites.

Speaking of sex, it always sells. It’s true. Today, another headline features a couple guilty of having sex on a Florida beach may spend up to 15 years in prison. I remember a friend of mine bragging about that kind of activity. I didn’t witness her doing it, but oh my, 15 years in prison. Makes me think. You know my mom is Bavarian. One thing I’ve learned through the years is how cultures view sex, violence and other cultural contexts differently. That makes for great media pitching fodder. Upon reflection of my own rearing (in a religious household I might add) I don’t think 15-years-in-jail-for-having-beach-sex consequence would happen abroad: Europeans and Americans view sex totally differently.  Here’s an April story about how American ‘prudish’ ways makes us less healthy and happy.  Have a strong opinion? Share it with media friends to get you media coverage.

There was a rumor in high school about this one girl and her dog and peanut butter. I believed that gossip. (Tsk tsk, says the nun teacher.) But hey, again, while I didn’t witness it, this kind of unbelievable activity is happening in the news today. This woman once charged for sex with her dogs is now charged for sex with a teen. Oh geez.

Maybe I’m too old. Or, maybe you’re too young. Seems as though our young folk today are less tolerant of distasteful sexual acts. And the law is the law and as citizens we all have an agreement to honor the law.

To shag or to shag not. That my friends, is the question. Whatever your stance, get our there. Get shagging. (Oh, behave, yeah, yeah baby.)