Celebs dress up for a modern-day ball, but are they the fairest of them all? The Met Gala is what’s obsessing media today. Do you have a fashion, fan or celebrity comment to share? Now’s the time.

As a child, I obsessively listened to Disney albums on my tiny record player. The records came complete with a picture book of the movies. I was terrified of this “magic mirror on the wall scene” from Snow White.

That brings to me to Disney. If you’re an activist on women’s rights, you might like to tie-in popular movies and culture to make your point. Today, Google features a song by Karen O (lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and their Google Doodle to celebrate Nellie Bly’s 151st birthday. Bly is a famous journalist who exposed the mental institution, Blackwell Island’s use of cruel beatings, ice cold baths and forced meals by posing as a mental patient herself.

How might you help an investigative journalist today? Do you know about injustices or human rights violations? If so, tip off your favorite journalist. That’s how we keep the checks and balances on banks, businesses and government.

It’s known as the free press. And boy do I have an apple for you my prince and princesses. All journalists like a scoop. Even if it’s just a juicy story about what you’re up to in your industry. Doesn’t have to be controversial. If you can, offer your story as an exclusive to your chosen ones.

But since it’s the 5th of May today, instead of offering the media a juicy apple from the Queen’s garden, I recommend a cold one to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Do you even know what today is about? Some media claim most Americans have no idea what Cinco de Mayo means. Perhaps.

Whether you’re offering up apples, a cold one or a scoop. Make sure you’re not putting your media friends to sleep with  non-fairy-tale pitches. Spice your stories. Then, you’ll be able to look in the mirror and call yourself the fairest one of them all.