July 4th had lots of fireworks, including the 4th marriage for singer Billy Joel. Saying “I Do” to any endeavor can set off fireworks and your media friends want to know all about it. Especially if fireworks include family feuds – enter Christie Brinkley, one of Joel’s ex-wives.

Relationship experts can talk about preparing for marriage, surviving divorce and how to communicate best through all the family emotions and transitions.

Mergers are a form of marriage for businesses. Any type of business partnership (real or even those simply gossiped about) can be newsworthy for media seeking to scoop any formal growth aspect of business.

Money always affects marriage, divorce and more so financial experts can tie into any celebrity news, business merger or other types of “contract” (think Greece) to get media attention.

When you hear the words, “I do” anywhere, it’s your cue to get your media pitches ready.