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Kids at sports press conferences? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! However, people have their opinions about whether it should be repeated or not. What do you think? Here is what Sam Amick, USA Today Sports, thinks.

The last Thursday in April is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. I’m for taking children to any work environment so they can be connected to their parents’ lives and they can begin to connect what they learn at school to everyday life. Plus, lightening up otherwise serious environments can leave an extra smile or two. You may feel differently. I remember when I taught 5th grade, my co-teacher’s teenager was thinking about becoming a lawyer. I volunteered to take the teen to court one day and sit with her so she could observe court in progress. When a man charged of setting his girlfriend on fire winked at the teen, she practically ran from the courthouse. She later decided court wasn’t for her.

Good or bad? Right or wrong? The opinion is from the perspective of who’s telling it. You get to say. The media is listening so they can quote you.

(sing song voice) Use your words.

In the spirit of keeping things light, let’s turn to David Letterman’s finale drawing almost 14 million viewers. Most of us love Letterman and these celebs showed their love. Then media ranked the top 10 jokes, but of course.  Here are the top 10 moments from the farewell.

(sing song voice) Use your words.

What do you want to say about finales, press conferences, books and writings from Bin Laden, the D.C. quadruple murder, a bikers brawl in Waco, Takata’s airbag recall or

[insert news story of your choice here]?

(sing song voice) Use your words.

You learned to use your words when you were as young as Steph Curry’s 2 year old daughter. Now, how are you going to use them today. Most media loathe press conferences, anyway, because they all get the scoop together. I recommend treating them special, giving them exclusive stories no one else will have. Make sure the media hears you. Use humor. Or, give them insights, stats, statistics and stories.

(sing song voice) Use your words.

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