“My husband does that too,” I say when a man approaches me, obviously trolling to see if he has a chance with me. It gives a not-so-subtle hint that I’m married and taken in other words, off the market for love. Today, the Supreme Court has given same-sex couples the chance to marry in all 50 states, basically telling a dozen or so states to suck it. (Probably a bad choice of words, but let’s stay focused.)

Finally my gay friends are getting the respect they deserve. Or are they? Your sound bites, stories, statistics and more are great ways to enroll media contacts into including you in their news coverage.

Will the newly married wear their rings? I often don’t wear mine because two nights a week I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where it’s not allowed to wear and I forget to put it back on. (See paragraph one where men are confused about whether or not I’m single.)

Rings, the history of marriage, how to propose and how any industry “marries” knowledge are all topics to put on the table for pitching with today’s historic news. Don’t forget to talk about what rings mean to a man or a woman. Often, couples view rings differently and that’s always a good discussion opener.

For sure anyone fighting for equal rights among all sectors of society can use this ‘win’ to talk about advocacy work so marry in all angles. Soon you’ll be celebrating at your reception, too. Save a piece of cake for my husband!