It’s Star Wars day! Today is officially, “May the Fourth Be With You” day. Gather all Star Wars fans, experts with stories, stats and sound bites. The media may be looking for you.

Tie-ins to new products, movies and trends allowed. Talking about any movie franchise is on the deck today, but especially how the Star Wars movie franchise might have affected you, your family and business.

Marketing professionals may talk about why it’s important to create holidays to create buzz. Certainly worked for the movie buzz around Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Games, technology, toys and more are all topics of interest today so get out there.

Even light topics, like cartoons, go dark. Today, more people are dead because of cartoons of the prophet Mohammad.

And dark topics go light. A 101 year old man was pulled out of the rubble in Nepal after the earthquake.

Whether the news is light or dark, may the force (4th) be with you.