When pushed to the brink in the South, many say, “I’m about to lose my religion.” It means, in other words, “I’m about to get medieval on you.” Or, “I’m about to go postal.” Still lost? Simply said, “I’m angry and about to get uncivil.” How does religion influence society? It’s been something we humans have been discussing for as long as we’ve existed. Time Magazine reports a new Pew study indicates 23% of U.S. adults in 2014 said they were religiously unaffiliated.

Typically, media separate religious topics from secular. So, if you’re an expert in religion, better jump on this crusade. The last study was in 2007.

Educators can tie-in religion to the classroom experience. Entertainment professionals can tie-in censorship, beliefs, and top shows or movies. Politicians and pundits can cite historical elections and religious impact on them. Some sports pros pray to win and that’s always a fun discussion. So, pray for your sound bite and then get out there. Amen.