Looking for your media coverage “touchdown?” If so, you might tie your news into deflate gate. Tom Brady’s suspension is generating hot debate today.

Remember, you can simply use the “deflate” analogy in your own industry. I recently heard a doctor called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy “putting air into your tires again.” That’s a nice tie-in to today’s news for any health and well-being expert trying to get in front of news story writers.

‘Inflated” art prices are a good tie-in too. Although, given Picasso’s brilliance, I’m not certain $179M is inflated. Isn’t it priceless? Regardless of your opinion, it sets a world record today.

What about business? I’m sure many have an opinion about Verizon’s $4.4B acquisition of AOL. Inflated or deflated values? You choose.

What about inflated drama? I’m sure you’ve seen the story about the grandma who killed her granddaughter by making her “run.” Well, today she gets a life sentence. Cue all the parenting experts.

Run for your touchdown. Just make sure you’re not doing it on dial-up internet speed, like 2.1 million other people. Play ball!