My Monday blog post, “In The Face,” becomes hump day’s blog post, “In Your Face,” because a) it’s my birthday (in your face) b) Ronda Rousey’s impressive knockout continues to shorten record times (in your face men) and c) Lenny Kravitz goes commando in skinny jeans bends down during concert and the butt blowout creates #PenisGate (in your face). Ah, what a great hump day it is. In fact, that’s trending today too. #HappyHumpDay.

Other news angles in your face today are:

> Donald Trump’s lead and pending debate performance #WatchTheDebacle (personally, I am riveted by this news),

> Hillary Clinton’s emails,

> Bush on women’s issues (please God get Bush out of mine),

> Wrecks continue to wreck our faith in modern technology,

> Racial tensions still pull at our hearts,

> Cecil the Lion gets immortalized,

> It’s National Underwear Day (glad to know this is on my birthday),

> Now your friends can affect your credit (should we purge our friends’ lists?),

> Kelly Osbourne gets an in-your-face from karma after making racist remarks on live TV,

> Famous/favorite lesbians get married,

> Hetero puppets get divorced, and

> #DeflateGate is still full of hot air. Poor (?) Tom Brady.

All this news is now in your face. I’m sure you have sound bites, stories and statistics to share on some of these angles. Get your media coverage and then tell your nay-sayers, “I got mine. In your face!”